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International Mission for the Disabled

The International Mission for the Disabled was formed in 1990 to assist people with certain physical disabilities. The organization would reach out to these individuals and educate them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through this ministry, we have been able to show the love of God so that they may discover God’s will in their lives in spite of their physical handicaps.

Your prayer and support enables us to plant seeds of Good News in hearts filled with despair. We need to nurture theses hearts in order for them to grow into strong fruit bearing trees. The disabled will then be able to taste victory in all of the obstacles that they must face as believers in Jesus Christ.

IMD is a specialized ministry where it is in greater need for collaboration with other ministries for the disabled. Whether it is for prayer or financial support; whether it is for newer facilities or more volunteers. The IMD is looking for help to assist those with certain physical disabilities so that they may be able to find abundant life in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Ki Song Rho, President, IMD

 Nursing Home & Hospital Ministry

▶ Worship Service and prayer for patients

▶ Visitation giving a great encouragement and comfort to the residents at hospital or nursing home.

▶ Sharing christian love and fellowship.

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