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Greeting from Director

"In Gospel of Jesus Christ, we encourage and help our neighbors having difficulties to find a new hope and vision."


Thank you for your interest in the International Mission Association Inc.

International Mission Association is a mission’s organization which was established in 1990 to provide new and affluent living for our neighbors with physical disabilities in the name of Jesus Christ whom is the foundation of blessing.

We have been trying to demonstrate the love of Christ to the disabled with Christian faith. In order to have a successful rehabilitation process we established the International Hospital Missions Church and the Rehabilitation Research Center. At these two places we would educate the disabled with the system of Braille, sign language, and the basics of operating a computer.

We would also lead our Sunday worship for patients in nursing‐homes. We have held the event, “With Hand in Hand,” on the National Day of the disabled in the month of April each year.

IMA sponsors overseas missions to Convey Christian love and spirit to people who are having difficulties in underdeveloped countries. This is why IMA founded the Rehabilitation Research Center in China. Furthermore, we have supported job training schools and medical services in Africa, Peru, and the Philippines.

IMA also broadcasts many gospel programs for the shut‐ins and hospital patients through the radio and T.V. By broadcasting through the radio and T.V we have spread many messages of individuals who overcame their physical disabilities with the idea of Christian faith.

IMA Inc. has been devoted to expand Christian love and faith to those who have been alienated from our society. We will help them overcome their difficulties and find the true meaning of their lives in Jesus Christ. We will continuously encourage people to find new hope and vision through the gospel.

Executive Director
Sun Sook Park

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